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New Onda Vi40 DualCore 9.7″ 16GB Android 4.0 Tablet

Written by TheCat. Posted in Gadgets

Onda Vi40 DualCore

The nwe Ondai Vi40 DualCore version has arrived. My first impression is the build quality, it give solid feel and thin as ipad. As for the screen, the IPS really give good contrast color and great angle view. And it does give very good response to your touch. The new DualCore CPU Cortex-A9 and Mali-400 GPU really give you a good experience in internet browsing, gaming and watch movies. And this New Onda Vi40 does not heat up like Ramos W17Pro. It stay cool for hours of games or internet browsing. Overall its a great tablet and for RM799 nothing can really compete with it.

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