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2015 is going to be a hard year for all the Malaysian. Malaysia Ringgit drop, GST, kopi-o increase, kolo-mee increase, everything increase but luckily petrol drop. So to spend more wisely we must have at least one rebate or cashback credit card. So waht is cashback credit card? Cashback credit cards is to convert money you spend into rebates! Sound too good? Yes it is, but it only rebate from 0.1% to 10% of all your total credit card spend depend on the card type and the bank. Since many bank are giving such offer but still many Malaysian dont know about it or not make used of it. I still see many people pay cash when go pump petrol. If pay by cash MYR1.91/liter(Ron95), but if you pay by card you get upto 10% rebate so that mean you only pay MYR1.719/liter(Ron95)! So why pay more when you can pay less? Unless you are too rich 😛

Ok, let me share with you my personal preferable cashback credit card; WISE visa credit card from Hong Leong Bank! Wise Visa Credit Card give 10% of cashback rebate which made it one of the best cashback credit card in Malaysia. Here how the Hong Leong Wise Credit Card work:

  1. 10% cashback rebates on any two of the following categories of your choice: pharmacies, groceries, petrol, dining, departmental, book stores, utilities, entertainment and travel
  2. Mobile billing is a bonus 3rd category
  3. RM100 max monthly cash rebate
  4. You must make 10 x RM50 transactions per month to qualify for the 10% rebate

Fees & Charges

  1. Annual Fee: RM160
  2. Annual Fee for Supplementary Card: RM80
  3. Minimum monthly payment: RM50 or 5% of outstanding amount
  4. Late payment fee: RM10 or 1% of outstanding amount, up to a maximum of RM75
  5. Cash withdrawal fee: RM20 or 5% of withdrawn amount
  6. Interest Rate on Cash Withdrawals: 18%
  7. Daily Maximum Cash Withdrawal: RM5000
  8. Credit Card Service Tax: RM50


  1. Minimum annual income :RM24000
  2. Minimum age for primary card holder: 21 years old
  3. Minimum age for supplementary card holder: 18 years old
  4. Who can Apply: Anybody

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