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McDonald Land Bobble Head – Happy Meal 2011

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OnePiece Ship in McDonald’s Taiwan

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McDonald’s Singapore – LINE Plush Collectibles

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McDonald’s Malaysia – Hello Kitty Bubbly World

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McDonalds Malaysia Happy Meal Toys Collection Super Mario

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Starting 15 May 2014 onwards, McDonalds Malaysia is having Super Mario action figures in their Happy Meal BOX!

McDonalds Malaysia just posted the Super Mario Happy Meal Ads in their Face Book. Wonder why they arrange the toys for each in such a way. The final week is the most unwanted Mario and the 1st Week already have Peach the princes. Aren’t they should put peach in the last week?

  1. 15-21 May: Mario with Pipe and Peach
  2. 22-28 May: Mario with ? Block and Yoshi
  3. 29 May – 4 Jun: Mario with Goal Pole and Fire Mario
  4. 5-11 Jun: Penguin Mario and Boomerang Mario

Happy collect!

SpongeBob SquarePants in McDonald’s Happy Meal Box!

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SpongeBob SquarePants

Are you SpongeBob SquarePants fans? I know I’m not but I still like this cartoon, it is stupid, it is funny and it really entertain me. When I know McDonald got free SpongeBob SquarePants toys, I can’t control myself to get one too. The one I get is the SpongeBob SquarePants Plush Toy! It is more cute and adorable to hold it in your hand 😛

Hello Kitty Fairy Tales at McDonald’s Malaysia

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McDonald’s Malaysia is having the new Hello Kitty Fairy Tales collectibles plushies toys for only RM9.95 each with any purchased of McValue meals starting from 7 November 2013. Its not selling as fast as minions, but i believe the singing bone hello kitty will be the hottest item people are craze for.

McDonalds Happy Meal Malaysia having Paul Frank!

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For this November, McDonalds Malaysia is Freeing Paul Frank’s Julius the monkey merchandise staring from 14 Nov – 11 Dec 2013 with any McDonald’s Happy Meal! So who is Paul Frank? Answer: Paul Frank Official Website

Julius fridge magnet

Julius desktop calendar

Julius bendable figure

The Smurfs 2 in McDonald Malaysia!

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Happy Meal “The Smurfs 2” toys, available for collection starting 15th August 2013 at McDonald’s in Malaysia! This time McDonald Malaysia has restrict that each toys must come with happy meal. So you can’t buy it without buying happy meal.