The Smurfs 2 in McDonald Malaysia!

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Happy Meal “The Smurfs 2” toys, available for collection starting 15th August 2013 at McDonald’s in Malaysia! This time McDonald Malaysia has restrict that each toys must come with happy meal. So you can’t buy it without buying happy meal. Therese good and bad, good is not more out of stock, no more long ques, no more wake up early in the morning, every adults and kids sure get their smurf! Bad news is no matter what you must buy happy meal to get the toys, that mean you either eat the JUNK FOOD or donate it? (I prefer to donate it, too much McD’s food is no good for health!)

So if you are in to collecting Smurfs, now is your chance to get a good set at the McDonalds! There are 12 Smurfs to collect and 12 set of Happy Meals to eat!

Note: Photos are taking using Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300

1st Week (15-17 August) of Smurf 2 Toys in Malaysia; Smurfette and Papa Smurf.

Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Smurfette Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Papa-Smurf

2nd Week (18-21 August) of Smurf 2 Toys in Malaysia; Jokey and Greedy.

Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Jokey Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Greedy

3rd Week (22-24 August) of Smurf 2 Toys in Malaysia; Clumsy and Vexy.

Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Clumsy Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Vexy

4th Week (25-28 August) of Smurf 2 Toys in Malaysia; Brainy and Hefty.

Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Brainy Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Hefty

5th Week (29-31 August) of Smurf 2 Toys in Malaysia; Hackus and Handy.

Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Hackus Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Handy

6th Week (1-4 September) of Smurf 2 Toys in Malaysia; Backer Smurf and Party Planner.

Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Backer Happy-Meal-Smurf-2-Party-Planner

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