McDonald Despicable Me 2 Minions Collection

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Finally finish my McD minion collection :p


Week 1 collection


Week 2 collection


Week 3 collection


Week 4 collection

Finished collect all the Mcdonald minions, total 12 hours plus of queuing, RM56.70 spend. So does it worth? Why so crazy about it? What is the purpose?

Here some of the answer for those who curious looking at us queuing for hours for the stupid cheap toys from mcd.

  1. My girlfriend want it (just in love couple)
  2. My kids want it, but actual fact he himself want it…
  3. Try to earn easy money from it (ebay got ppl sell it around RM50 each)
  4. I a collector
  5. Must follow the trend
  6. Just to join the fun

No matter what the answer is, the actual fact that make this minion crazy queues is because of those maniacs buying 100 pcs and show off at FB! Malaysia memang apa pun boleh!

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