46 Things You Didn’t Know About Kuching

Written by TheCat. Posted in Sharing is Caring

How much you know about Kuching? Test yourself in this article: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/46-things-didn-t-know-033022973.html
I only agreed few things in this article only:

  1. Kuching moto – “One person, one car” because we dont have complete public transport!
  2. Kuching has the biggest roundabout in the world!
  3. Kuching people really lazy to walk, they always park their car infront of the shop or drive in if possible… LOL. (Actually got another reason, Kuchingites scare their car being stole!)
  4. No.39 is giving wrong statement (there really is a train railway in the past!)
  5. Left lane always faster than right because Kuchingites got many sudah POTONG. (Ikut kiri jika tidak memotong!)
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