What to eat in CityOne’s SIA Food Court?

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CityOne is one of the new shopping in Kuching. The main attraction for this shopping mall is the Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) and Metro Jaya. Beside these 2 branded outlet what else will attract people goto this shopping mall?

Kota Sentosa Teck Teck Kopitiam

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Kota Sentosa now getting more popular and also more traffic jam nowadays. The development at Kota Sentosa also getting better, now they had Kuching Sentral as bus station and shopping mall, Kota Sentosa Gateway a newly finish commercial center and new resident area. All this will attract more and more people goto Kota Sentosa to do some shopping and filling their stomach.

Kuching Festival 2013

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Kuching Festival or also known as food fair is the most anticipate yearly event by Kuchingrian because you can find wide variety of food not just local but from international like Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Korea and many more. For those who don’t have the chace or those who miss the foreign countries food, this is the festival they can get it all.

Beside food, Kuching Festival also includes programs like concert, dance, martial arts performance and etc.

Explore Bako National Park

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Bako National Park is a well known national park in Sarawak even though it is the smallest and oldest national park in Sarawak. Bako National Park contains an extensive range of wildlife ,vegetation and extensive network of trekking trails. As soon as you arrived at Bako National Park, you will be greeted by the wildlife.

Super crowded at McD!!!

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KFC Chicky Meal with Turbo Figures!

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Does anyone know that KFC got Turbo figures? Wonder why nobody crazy about it. Maybe its not cute enough or maybe the movie just on screen recently only. Another thing is why KFC make it as a stationery? Anyway I do get one for myself already :p

725! The last chance to get the last batch of McD Minion!

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OMG tonight midnight going to be another crazy night again! Everyone is crazy to get the McDonald Minion! People ask, why so crazy about it? Because I like banana and Minion are cute :p But is it worth to queu for hours (2-4 hours) to get RM3 McD’s Minion toys? There no exact answer for that, for me, I like to collect cartoon figures and its kind of fun and enjoy line up with friends :p

So tonight how many of you going for the line up? When you will start line up :p HAPPY MINION TO YOU ALL!