Lego Bricks Marvel Avengers Iron Man Patriot Super Heroes Action Figure

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Lego Bricks Marvel Avengers Iron Man Super Heroes Action Figure

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Sarawak ICT Expo 1st-3rd November 2013 at BCCK

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Sarawak ICT Expo 2013, 1-3 November at Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK), organised by Kuching Computer Business Association (KCBA). It is the largest and happening ICT fair in Sarawak. The fair had happy hour promotion and crazy Friday where gadgets will be going on sales at crazy low prices, RM5 redemption vouchers clipped out of local papers and an auction. Beside happy hour and auction, the expo also have cyber games competition, blood donation and organ donor, and some quiz game.

(In auction, you should get the gadget in much more cheaper prize, but it is not the case in this ICT Expo. Got a jerk bid Galaxy Note 3 for RM2060 while the market sell it for RM2150. Only $90 different and you dont get any free gift as in the retail shop.)

Sarawak ICT Expo 2013 should offer the latest electronics products at bargain price to please shoppers but this year not (eg. SanDisk 8GB handy drive sell at $21 in the expo, but you actually can get it cheaper at $19 from out side retail shop). And this year the booths are mainly conquered by PC Image and Compuway. So the seller has no much competitor, so the price is not competitive.

Are you planning to get rid of some extra fats from your body?

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Here are 10 Foods That Burn Fat

1. Oats : Its not only tastes great but also reduces your hunger. Oats contains fiber which helps and stabilizes the levels of cholesterol.

2. Eggs : Eggs are the rich sources of proteins and low in calories. Eggs helps us to build the muscles and develops the good cholesterol.

3. Apples : Apples are enriched with powerful antioxidants and other supplements. Most importantly it contains Pectin which helps to reduce the fat cells in the body.

4. Green Chillies : Green chillies contains Capsaicin which helps to develop the body growth cells and burns the calories in quick time.

5. Garlic : Garlic contains Allicin which has anti-bacterial properties helps us to reduce the fat and removes the bad cholesterol.

6. Honey : Honey is the best one to burn fat. Add honey in warm water and take it daily in the early morning.

7. Green Tea : Green Tea is the most effective one which helps you to lose weight. It contains Antioxidants which helps and stabilizes our body weight.Take daily 2 cups of tea for a better results.

8. Wheat Grass : It boosts our metabolism and helps to reduce the fat.

9. Tomatoes : Tomatoes helps us to burn the fat in quick time. It also helps us to stay away from cancer. So Take tomatoes in your diet regularly.

10. Dark Chocolate : Dark chocolate contains Flavonoids, anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood. It boost the growth of serotonin in the blood and also burns the fat.

Flash Flood in Kuching on 3rd Oct Afternoon

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Green Road – by Shelyn Chua

Kuching having a moderate flash flood on 3rd October afternoon. It was really a heavy rain that afternoon. Few areas were affected like Sarawak General Hospital, Green Road, Jalan Mendu, 3rd Mile underpass, Batu Kawah, Stapok, Ban Hock Road, Pending and Jalan Simpang Tiga.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Unveiled at IFA 2013

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Samsung has just unveiled their new thinner and lighter Galaxy Note 3 at IFA Conference 2013 in Berlin. The new Galaxy Note 3 has 1920 x 1080 FullHD resolution display, accompanied by a 2.3GHz quad-core processor, 3GB of RAM, 13-megapixel camera, 32/64 GB of internal storage with microSD card support, and a big 3,200mAh battery.


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Wisma Saberkas ICT Fair 2013

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It was a long time that Wisma Saberkas did not organised any PC Fair already. KCBA (Kuching Computer Business Association) has organised their ICT Fair at BCCK for the pass few years and this year maybe on low budget they have it at Wima Saberkas in this Merdeka month. But that doesn’t matter at all. What really interested public is what are the below cost gadget they can get in the ICT Fair! After going for a round, I cant find anything interested me and the offer is not attractive at all. Luckily the ICT Fair got Happy Hour! Which you can get certain items at below cost!

The Smurfs 2 in McDonald Malaysia!

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Happy Meal “The Smurfs 2” toys, available for collection starting 15th August 2013 at McDonald’s in Malaysia! This time McDonald Malaysia has restrict that each toys must come with happy meal. So you can’t buy it without buying happy meal.