Best Rebate or Cashback Credit Cards

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2015 is going to be a hard year for all the Malaysian. Malaysia Ringgit drop, GST, kopi-o increase, kolo-mee increase, everything increase but luckily petrol drop. So to spend more wisely we must have at least one rebate or cashback credit card. So waht is cashback credit card? Cashback credit cards is to convert money you spend into rebates! Sound too good? Yes it is, but it only rebate from 0.1% to 10% of all your total credit card spend depend on the card type and the bank. Since many bank are giving such offer but still many Malaysian dont know about it or not make used of it. I still see many people pay cash when go pump petrol. If pay by cash MYR1.91/liter(Ron95), but if you pay by card you get upto 10% rebate so that mean you only pay MYR1.719/liter(Ron95)! So why pay more when you can pay less? Unless you are too rich 😛

Ok, let me share with you my personal preferable cashback credit card; WISE visa credit card from Hong Leong Bank! Wise Visa Credit Card give 10% of cashback rebate which made it one of the best cashback credit card in Malaysia. Here how the Hong Leong Wise Credit Card work:

  1. 10% cashback rebates on any two of the following categories of your choice: pharmacies, groceries, petrol, dining, departmental, book stores, utilities, entertainment and travel
  2. Mobile billing is a bonus 3rd category
  3. RM100 max monthly cash rebate
  4. You must make 10 x RM50 transactions per month to qualify for the 10% rebate

Kuching Flash Flood

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Heavy and continuous downpour since Saturday night has flooded several residential estates and villages in Kuching. For those staying at low lying river bank area in Satok riverbank area (Kubah Ria, Rubber Road), Pandungan riverbank area, Batu Kawa riverbank area please be prepare for flash flood. Move your cars to higher ground, seals your important documents in plastics and prepare some instant food.

Kuching Flooding Area:

  1. Kpg. Batu Kitang
  2. Kpg. Sinar Budi
  3. Kpg. Bumbok
  4. Kpg. Rantau Panjang
  5. Kpg. Sejijak
  6. Kpg. Paroh
  7. Kpg. Segedup
  8. Kpg. Sadong
  9. Kpg. Sg. Maong
  10. Kpg. Gita Tengah/Kpg. Lada Pedas
  11. Kpg. Kuder Baru/Lama
  12. Kpg. Gita Kubur/Baru/Lama/Laut
  13. Batu Kawa Bazaar
  14. Kpg. Samadang

115 Mi Note Announced

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On 15 Jan 2015, XioaMi has announced their new flagship smartphone, Mi Note! What the main features that really attracted me was the 4GB RAM and the 13MP f2.0 camera, but this time the price tag was more expansive than expected but it still cheaper compare to Samsung and iPhone. Anyway lets do some comparison between Galxay Note 4 and iPhone 6 plus:

 Mi Note / Mi Note ProGalaxy Note 4iPhone 6 Plus
Display5.7-inch FullHD/QHD LCD5.7-inch QHD AMOLED5.5-inch FullHD LCD
CPUSnapdragon 801/810Snapdragon 805 / Exynos 5433Apple A8
GPUAdreno 330/430Adreno 420 / Mali-T760PVR GX6450
Finger PrintN/AYESYES
Camera13MP f2.0 Rear / 4MP Front16MP f2.2 Rear / 4MP Front8MP f2.2 Rear / 1.2MP Front
Battery3,000 mAh3,220 mAh2,915 mAh
PriceRMB2,299 - RMB3,299MYR2,499MYR2,749

McDonald’s Singapore – LINE Plush Collectibles

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McDonald’s Malaysia – Hello Kitty Bubbly World

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Happy 2015

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Coca-Cola Re-Invents 16 Bottle Caps To Give Second Lives To Empty Bottles

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Coca Cola teamed up with award-winning ad agency Ogilvy & Mather China on a new “2nd Lives” campaign and created 16 red screw-on caps that transform the otherwise-useless left-over plastic bottle into something creative, fun and usable.

McDonalds Malaysia Happy Meal Toys Collection Super Mario

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Starting 15 May 2014 onwards, McDonalds Malaysia is having Super Mario action figures in their Happy Meal BOX!

McDonalds Malaysia just posted the Super Mario Happy Meal Ads in their Face Book. Wonder why they arrange the toys for each in such a way. The final week is the most unwanted Mario and the 1st Week already have Peach the princes. Aren’t they should put peach in the last week?

  1. 15-21 May: Mario with Pipe and Peach
  2. 22-28 May: Mario with ? Block and Yoshi
  3. 29 May – 4 Jun: Mario with Goal Pole and Fire Mario
  4. 5-11 Jun: Penguin Mario and Boomerang Mario

Happy collect!

Cellphone Before and Now

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  nokia3310 iphone
Battery Life: 3-4 days 3-4 hours
Drop Test: 3 floor 3 feets
Bump Protection: Integrated Buy seperately
Software Update: Not Needed Approx. Once a Week
Approx. Lifetime: Forever (only need to change new battery) Max 1-2 years (after 2 years, the phone is too slow to run the latest software)
Typing Speed: 9 characters per second Damn you AUTOCORRECT!