Kuching Flash Flood

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Heavy and continuous downpour since Saturday night has flooded several residential estates and villages in Kuching. For those staying at low lying river bank area in Satok riverbank area (Kubah Ria, Rubber Road), Pandungan riverbank area, Batu Kawa riverbank area please be prepare for flash flood. Move your cars to higher ground, seals your important documents in plastics and prepare some instant food.

Kuching Flooding Area:

  1. Kpg. Batu Kitang
  2. Kpg. Sinar Budi
  3. Kpg. Bumbok
  4. Kpg. Rantau Panjang
  5. Kpg. Sejijak
  6. Kpg. Paroh
  7. Kpg. Segedup
  8. Kpg. Sadong
  9. Kpg. Sg. Maong
  10. Kpg. Gita Tengah/Kpg. Lada Pedas
  11. Kpg. Kuder Baru/Lama
  12. Kpg. Gita Kubur/Baru/Lama/Laut
  13. Batu Kawa Bazaar
  14. Kpg. Samadang

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