Kuching Festival 2013

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Kuching Festival or also known as food fair is the most anticipate yearly event by Kuchingrian because you can find wide variety of food not just local but from international like Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, Korea and many more. For those who don’t have the chace or those who miss the foreign countries food, this is the festival they can get it all.

Beside food, Kuching Festival also includes programs like concert, dance, martial arts performance and etc.

Photos of Food Stores in Kuching Fest 2013 Part 1
Photos of Food Stores in Kuching Fest 2013 Part 2

Every year there will be a over famous food store that everyone would be in a craze to get and line up as soon as the shop open. For the last year it was the Durian Puff and Fried Durian. This year is the Fried Fresh Milk and Scallop-Q from Taiwan!


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