Kota Sentosa Teck Teck Kopitiam

Written by TheCat. Posted in Ho Jiak

Kota Sentosa now getting more popular and also more traffic jam nowadays. The development at Kota Sentosa also getting better, now they had Kuching Sentral as bus station and shopping mall, Kota Sentosa Gateway a newly finish commercial center and new resident area. All this will attract more and more people goto Kota Sentosa to do some shopping and filling their stomach.

Teck Teck Cafe is one of the many kopitiam at Kota Sentosa you can go to have a try. The kolomee and the fish ball soup is worth to try and it only RM4.50 which you can’t or hardly find in Kuching town area.

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  • cindy


    Oh my English


    • TheCat


      Sorry, I know my english are bad. I will improve it. Thanks.


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